Mass Timber and Digital Fabrication

A New Way To Build Our Cities – Clean, Fast, Safe and Precise.

temp_img_350x250At Seagate we’re excited to be leading the next wave of mass timber and tall wood construction. We’ve seen firsthand how solid wood framing systems can enhance the design aesthetic and vastly improve the cost-effectiveness of construction projects of all sizes. Engineered wood products such as glulam and cross laminated timber (CLT), combined with comprehensive 3D modelling and digital prefabrication, has the potential to shape our cities in a new dramatic fashion. Think old world craftsmanship meets robotic technology meets aerospace precision meets Amazon logistics.

Our recent installation at Brock Commons at UBC (the tallest wood structure in the world) demonstrates that there is a better, smarter, faster and more efficient way to build.

Volume of wood products used – 2233 cubic meters of CLT and Glulam
U.S & Canadian forests grow this much wood in 6 minutes
Carbon stored in the wood – 1753 metric tons of CO2
Avoided greenhouse gas emissions – 679 metric tons of CO2
Total potential carbon benefit – 2432 metric tons of CO2

Creative teams of architects and engineers in both Canada and the US are now embracing the structural and environmental benefits of mass timber and engineered wood. Forward thinking communities are experiencing the resurgence of wood as a readily available and sustainable product.

What is mass timber?

Mass timber is a method of framing that capitalizes on new wood technology and manufacturing advances. Solid wood panels along with cross-laminated timber (CLT), nail laminated timber (NLT) and glue laminated timber (glum) members are brought together to create flooring and wall systems that rival traditional concrete and steel systems.

•    cost competitive, carbon efficient, sustainable and reliable
•    scientifically superior according to recent engineering data in regards to fire, acoustic properties, vibration and seismic testing
•    can be used in conjunction with existing framing or heavy timber systems

After years of rigorous trial, error and serious experimentation and data collection with this medium we are now convinced that mass timber building systems are a viable alternative to the concrete/steel/masonry components of yesteryear.

Learn more about:

CLT – Cross-laminated timber
NLT – nail laminated timber
Glulam – glue laminated timber