Come Join Us

Brock Commons Construction Overview



Brock Commons was the tallest wood building in the world at the time of its construction. It is part of a student residential complex, with 404 beds in studios and four-bed units, plus amenities for the campus community on the ground level. The structure is a mass-timber hybrid. There is a revolution happening that is changing the way we build cities, come join us. Get all the facts about this project in our detailed PDF download!

The Planning Stages

Essential to the success of the project was the on-going role of the virtual design and construction (VDC) modellers. This PDF contains original 3D mock-ups, courtesy of CadMakers.

The Process

Wondering how Seagate built such an amazing structure from the ground up? This PDF contains detailed explanations of every step of this massive project.

Pure Innovation

The successful employment of innovative solutions in this project opened up a set of opportunities to be explored in future projects and through academic research. Learn about the all benefits of mass timber construction!

The Finished Product

This pioneering building showcases innovations in the application of engineered wood products and in design and construction practices. Check out the beautiful, high-res photographs of this project, from start to finish.